LTV Conf, May 2018, London

I love going to conferences in London because it is one of the rare cities I have a direct connection to. We were invited to this one and being a small SaaS conference with great speakers lined up it was a no-brainer. I only wrote notes for the two talks that impact our business the most, no offense to other…

SaaStock, September 2017, Dublin

This was one of my first conferences outside the Internet Marketing industry and I mostly went to it to expand my horizons and see what successful SaaS companies are doing. Coming from a bootstrapped and ROI-focused background, what struck me as strange was the definition of success (or at least a path to success) for these SaaS companies. A lot…

How we work in NiteoWeb

Update: see the latest version of this document on our Handbook. NiteoWeb is a distributed team of Web experts spread around the World. While we do rent office space in Ljubljana, Slovenia, most of us work remotely. Here's a quick overview of how we go by our days. Communication Instant messaging is done through Slack on different channels (operations, support, development etc.).…

New website!

Well, we haven't worked in the consulting business for almost two years now, so it was about time we changed the website. Old Website  New Website We now build cool stuff for the web. :)

New WordPress sites

In the past few months we've deployed 3 new Wordpress sites. They are all basic presentation sites with low running costs. Presentation Website for Moj fit - Presentation Website for MIROR d.o.o. - Sales Website for Zavod mladi podjetnik - You can find more info about these project on our portfolio page.