Testing log output

ATTRIBUTION: This post was inspired by Domen's Mocking logging module for unittests post back from 2009. Most of the code below is from him, with some added Plone specific bits and pieces. I was recently debugging an installation of our niteoweb.click2sell and had the need for more verbose error handling. After adding support for it in the code I wondered…

Click2Sell integration for Plone

After integrating Clickbank with Plone last month we decided we also need integration with Click2Sell affiliate marketing network. A new Plone add-on was born: niteoweb.click2sell. The add-on has the same feature-set as it's sister add-on niteoweb.clickbank, enabling you to have paid membership on your Plone site. It's very simple to install and use. Project page: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/niteoweb.click2sell Documentation: http://packages.python.org/niteoweb.click2sell Code: http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/niteoweb.click2sell